Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Sweet Hereafter - a New Vegan Bar in Portland

There's a new vegan bar in Portland. It's a sister bar to the very popular Bye and Bye, located on NE Alberta (near my house). The new place is on SE Belmont (next door to one of my favorite restaurants, Dick's Kitchen), and it's called The Sweet Hereafter.

It is not gluten-free friendly at all, at least not at the moment (they've only been open since last week, and it took Bye and Bye a few years to become GF-friendly), but there is a delicious cider on tap if all you want is a refreshing drink.

The atmosphere is wonderful, however, with a covered spacious patio in the back and a decent amount of seating in the main area. Draughts and wines (all vegan, of course) are listed on chalkboards, and the menus are kept in black faux-leather pockets. Read Jess Scone's review here for even more pictures!

anti-pasto plate
D's monster meatball sandwich, with chips and salsa on the side
the only things I could eat on the menu: potato salad (meh), kale slaw, and broccoli (with no soy sauce)

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