Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Can Be Fickle

I'm a fickle girl. At least when it comes to summer harvest.

You see, strawberries really get me excited. As soon as I pick the first one off a plant, I am transported to a lovely world where there are rainbows and unicorns and lollipop trees. And that's before I take a bite of the first juicy, red berry with sweet nectar running down my throat.

Yeah, I like strawberries.

But then, blueberries come onto the scene. And I'm lost to their enchantment for as long as they'll have me. I go out into my backyard every morning to see how many new blue gems have popped up on the two bushes we have. And I search through all my cookbooks and on all my favorite blogs to find every single blueberry recipe that has ever been conceived.

And then, fall happens, and I'm lost to squash, tomatoes, and apples, and I end up gushing about every single new crop, saying: "This is the best thing I've ever tasted!".

I went out of town for the holiday weekend and when I returned home, I discovered that the blueberries in my backyard were finally ripe! So, I decided to eat as many as I could for dinner...

I fixed myself a hemp burger with sauerkraut and mushrooms, served with onion rings on the side. My drink was a conglomeration of some infused liquors I had made, with the added bonus of the fresh berries.

This was my dessert: raw, fresh strawberries and blueberries. Oh, heck yes.

What is your favorite summer harvest?

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