Friday, July 22, 2011

Community Supported Agriculture - Week Two

This week has been crazy, and I was out of town camping on Sunday, so I have barely gotten use out of my CSA share. However, it was still available, and D and I picked it up Wednesday evening at the very cool Peoples' Farmar in SE Portland.

Everything was the same as last week, except we also picked up two flours (corn and sorghum) and red beets.

It's so fun to try and come up with ideas for things I'm not used to having around the house. I made spinach pesto with the fancy spinach, and I'm planning on creating something seasonally delicious (with blueberries) with the gluten-free flours. I also saw a recipe for a chocolate mousse that uses beets in place of eggs, so I will probably be trying that, as well.

So many options! Do you have any favorite beet recipes you think I should try?

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