Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome Back BBQ

I threw a big welcome-back barbecue for my boyfriend and best friend on Saturday. It was delightful. I went a little overboard and baked and cooked for about five days straight prior to the gathering, but I wanted to make it a special occasion for Mandy and Dave.

There was, of course, the food...

These cherries turned into a cobbler
Spicy bbq sauce with pineapple
Cherries to munch on
Sooo many kale chips, fresh from the dehydrator
The aforementioned cherry cobbler. Soo good. The recipe was originally from Gluten-Free Goddess
Carmelized onions for the "burgers", fried polenta, and portobello mushrooms. Or, heck, whatever my friends wanted to put them on
Cupcakes that I created from a waffle batter. I broke my waffle maker (MY BRAND NEW WAFFLE MAKER!), so I had to be inventive and make something else out of the perfectly good batter. Thus, these creative cupcakes were born. 
I know, I know, tomatoes aren't in season in Portland yet. 
ice cream sandwiches (both cookies and ice cream are made by me and are vegan and gluten-free)
 ...friends and games. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to have another gathering. Turns out, my back yard is perfect for summer events, so bring 'em on!

Kevin and Dave played croquet first, to break in the set
Dave, on the right, was one guest of honor
Michelle, by one of the tables of food
More friends and food (Mandy, on the far right, was the other guest of honor)
HA! Love these cups, that gave everyone really awesome noses
This was the speed-round of croquet
More speed-croquet
Food and friends

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