Thursday, June 16, 2011

Staying Cool While Staying Green in the Heat

A lot of people hate the heat.

I am not one of those people (I live for those 90 degree days, no joke), but I do understand that everyone has a different body temperature and preference. I also understand that during the summer it's very tempting to turn on the air conditioning and literally chill. However, as you can guess, that's not very eco-friendly, so I've compiled a list of sites that share tips on how to stay cool while also being green.

The Living Green Solution

Green is Sexy


Green Living Online

Living Green and Saving Energy

California Energy Commission

Greener Ideal

Green Feature on Yahoo

Other great sites and books that might have helpful [green] tips...
Sophie Uliano -and her book Gorgeously Green

Danny Seo -and his book Simple Steps to a Greener Home

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