Friday, June 24, 2011

Seasonal Summer Dinner

I went to Bella Organics Farm on Sauvie Island last Saturday and picked strawberries with the lovely Webly from Fueled by Popcorn and Stumptown Vegans. We had a grand old time picking the strawberries in the mud (more about that in a later post!), and when we went to pay for our fruit, we found all the other organic goodies they had available.

Bella offers produce from a sustainable farm down the road, and I was especially attracted to the items that were colorful and new to me. I found scapes (also known as garlic tips), purple asparagus, and golden beets.

I decided to prepare the golden beets in a wilted salad, using only and I added part of the purple asparagus and scapes to a gluten-free flatbread pizza, which made for a lovely meal full of seasonal, local, and organic produce.

This pizza turned out so much better than I expected, and I especially liked how the vegetables really made the meal pop, not only with color, but flavor as well.

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