Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roadtrip Round-up

Well, I hope you have gleaned by now that I had a fabulous vacation, and although it's been difficult to return to the real world, in the past week that I've been at my new job, I've had nothing but amazing experiences. It's lovely to be somewhere that people actually communicate (gasp!) and seem to enjoy working with each other (another gasp!). I love it.

Newport, Oregon

Here is a list of my roadtrip adventures, by post:

driving on Hwy 101 South

The Oregon Coast, or, where I began to heal and recover

on Hwy 101 near Crescent City

The California Redwoods, or, where I discovered I really like big trees

the Redwoods of Oregon

Sacramento, or, the land of palm trees

flowers in Gold Beach, OR

Berkeley, or, where I saw white carrots for the first time and discovered edible flowers in the lettuce

tasting table at Berkeley famers' market

Souley Vegan, or, the yuppiest place in all of Oakland

flowers at Berkeley farmers' market

San Francisco and the Bay Area, or, where I learned how much food I could eat at Millennium

the Bay

Gracias Madre, or, where we paid $8 for smushed strawberries that were sooo good

palm trees on the Bay waterfront

Cafe Gratitude, or, how I learned to be warm-hearted while eating

cool flower at Cape Perpetua, OR

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