Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Love for Strawberries Continues

I had a blast picking strawberries with Webly of Fueled by Popcorn and Stumptown Vegans last weekend. We went to Bella Organics out on Sauvie Island (about 12 miles from downtown Portland). If you live in the Portland area, or you are planning a visit at some point, I recommend visiting this island full of farms and beaches.

It was incredibly muddy and wet last Saturday, and I actually had to remove my shoes after 15 minutes or so because I was getting stuck in the wet earth.

Even so, we had a great time conversing and picking, and at the end of two hours, we both ended up with equally large amounts of strawberries. We ended up picking two different kinds (one was the Hood variety, but I am currently blanking on the other kind), as you can see in the picture above.

Unfortunately, I had to go out of town later that day, so I had to stick the berries straight into the fridge, but as soon as I returned, I started hulling/preserving/baking/canning/eating them like crazy.

I love all seasonal produce, and especially the myriad types of fruit that I can buy in Portland, but strawberries hold a special place in my heart. To me, they signify the true beginning of summer and sun, they are extremely versatile and go well with almost anything, and they also taste ridiculously delicious.

with pudding
I'm lucky, because I actually have about 12 plants in my home garden that are also producing strawberries. With that sort of surplus, I'm using them in all sorts of fun projects. I've already made three different types of jam (plain old strawberry, the classic strawberry-rhubarb, and the innovative strawberry-rhubarb-balsamic), ate them alone on many occasions, and added them to a delicious avocado-chocolate pudding I just fell in love with this past week.

with raw cashew cream
The possibilities are endless, but since the season is so short, I really need to get out there and pick some more so I can store enough for the long, dreary winter months. Happy summer, everyone!

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