Friday, June 10, 2011

Laughing Planet

I've been to Laughing Planet probably about a hundred times. They are listed on my Favorite Restaurants page, but I rarely mention them explicitly because to me, they are just another Portland staple of good vegan-friendly cooking (like Hungry Tiger Too or Vita Cafe, for example). They are also a local chain, and I'm not usually in the habit of discussing chain restaurants, no matter how good they are.

However, I had lunch there yesterday and decided that they really must be mentioned again.

Like most restaurants that I frequent, I have one dish and one dish alone that I order there. It's relatively new (for the amount of time I've been going there), but it's consistently delicious and filling. It's called Dr. No's Low Carb Bowl, and it comes with an AMAZING "smokey roasted red pepper and garlic" sauce that is perfect for dipping/pouring/drinking, etc. You have a choice of protein, and I always choose the tempeh, which is cooked to perfection (no bitter after-taste).

On my recent dining experience, I also purchased their local berry (this was strawberry) lemonade. The berries were pureed and mixed with the lemonade and provided a very refreshing drink. 

Laughing Planet has many locations that are easily accessible. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Go and enjoy!

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