Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going Raw by Judita Wignall

I picked up Going Raw by Judita Wignall from the library the other day. Let me tell you, right away, I was able to tell that this book was a winner. There are gorgeous pictures, both of the finished product as WELL as the methods, and the recipes call for ingredients I actually have on hand already (wait - using normal, seasonal, raw ingredients in a raw recipe? what a concept!).

I browsed through the book as I walked home from the library, and I realized quickly that I would periodically stop in the middle of the street or almost run into a car because I was so caught up in the book.

That doesn't usually happen to me when I read a cookbook.

Heck, that hardly happens to me when I read a "normal" book.

I knew from the moment I started looking at the book that I need to buy it, so I'm just about to check out my local bookstore online and hopefully take home my own copy today. That way, I can scribble in it and note all the delicious recipes I make.

thrifty tip: I recycle old plastic bags from the grocery store instead of buying sheets for my dehydrator
I made the raw crepes (found on page 67) with cashew cream and fresh strawberries from my garden and took them to my recent staff potluck. People loved them! Not only were they delicious in their own right, I feel that I set a little higher standard in terms of raw, vegan, and gluten-free food than perhaps my coworkers were expecting. I love shattering stereotypes.

The best thing about the crepes is that they are the simplest thing ever to make. Bananas and cinnamon. Puree. Dehydrate. Eat. Bam. 

all dry!
If you have any interest in anything raw, go out and get this book today. It is extremely simple and helpful and beautiful. You can't go wrong.

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