Tuesday, May 3, 2011

28 Things: Revisited

Because I just celebrated my half-birthday (yay, me!), I thought I'd offer an updated list (my updates are in red or crossed out) of the 28 things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 28...

1. Learn to swim the breaststroke.

2. Make vegan yogurt from scratch. (I haven't found a vegan yogurt starter...anyone have any ideas?)

3. Make kombucha from scratch.

4. Run my first half marathon (FOUND IT!).

5. Run my first marathon (not sure whether I will be able to do the Portland Marathon, so still holding off on this one).

6. Watch The Shining (all the way through) without leaving the room (this movie has literally haunted my dreams since I was thirteen years old).

7. Visit my friend in England. (this one is just not fiscally feasible, I'm afraid - plane tickets have gone out of the roof!)

8. Create a recipe for vegan and gluten-free croissants once and for all (haven't even started this project, but I really want to get on it soon; I've been craving some good old fatty treats)

9. Try not to buy a [new] item without recycling/re-gifting a similar one that I already own.

10. Plant and sow a large garden (um, I planted some bulbs and my strawberry plants are coming up from last year!).

11. Host my first guest poster(s). Yeah!! Did you miss them? Read them here, here, and here

12. Give everyone I see a smile (I kind of put this on here as a freebie, because I do this at my job automatically and also when I'm just out and about - I'm a pretty friendly person).

13. Visit Canada for the first time. Woohoo! Read my guest posts on my Canadian adventure here and here (Vancouver is still to come, and will be found on Vegan Backpacker).

14. Recycle my old sweaters into new uses (new sweaters, oven mitts, etc.).

15. Finish knitting my second shawl that I began over a year ago (wow, I have been in a knitting slump for a long time now - hopefully I'll finish it before the yarn goes bad).

16. Read any book by David Foster Wallace.

17. Journal at least once a week (I'm good for a few weeks and then I forget to journal again; I'm really gonna start trying again).

18. Do something active each day (this is hard when it's raining outside, but I'm really trying; it's a great way to beat depression).

19. Finish reviews for all my favorite restaurants and products.

20. Come up with a fitting Six-Word Memoir.

21. Post something on Finding Vegan.

22. Sing a serious song for karaoke (I have participated in karaoke only twice; the first time, in Scotland, I sang Like a Virgin by Madonna, and the second time, I sang a duet of The Humans Are Dead by Flight of the Conchords).

23. Go almost 100% car-free.

24. Make more jewelry or magnets and actually sell them this time (last time I just gave them all away; they turned out to be conveniently cheap birthday and Christmas presents).

25. Design my next tattoo. (I have! Now I just need to find an artist to put it on my back!)

26. Acquire 500 followers on Twitter (shameless plug!). I did it! Now, my goal is 1000 (follow me @greenvegnliving).

27. Go 100% raw for one week (currently working towards this, but it hasn't happened quite yet).

28. Take a run, barefoot, on the beach.

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