Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vegan Diner Meal

I picked up local author (and food cart owner) newest cookbook, Vegan Diner from the library yesterday. I flipped through it and immediately started gawking at all the delicious-looking food depicted in the pictures.

The recipes look great, and Hasson obviously put time and effort into them, but for folks like me who are gluten-intolerant, there is a short list of foods from which we can choose. It wasn't too surprising, as I can't really eat much at a regular diner, either (well, there's always the ubiquitous side salad or fruit cup!).

However, I did find a few recipes that I wanted to try, so for lunch today, I made the Smoky Curls and Vampire Fries. I added some homemade mayonnaise and gluten-free bread, caramelized some onions, sliced up an apple, and I was ready to go.

This was a really delicious meal. I added about a teaspoon of maple-flavored agave nectar to the curls as they were sauteing, to add a bit more of the usual "bacon" flavor, but other than that, I found the recipe to be just about perfect.

If you can eat gluten, I recommend that you go out and buy this great cookbook right away!

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