Tuesday, March 8, 2011

VegNews Vegan Bucket List

Have you seen this list from VegNews magazine? I was curious how many things I had actually done, so I cut and paste it below...

  1. Swim in the greenhouse pool then dine at the Ravens' Restaurant at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, Calif.
  2. Join the cookie/brownie/fudge-of-the-month club at Allison's Gourmet.
  3. Ask your (non-vegan) family or friends to try a vegan meal, day, or week. It's the perfect birthday gift!
  4. Hear former cattle rancher-turned-vegan, Howard Lyman, speak.
  5. Eat a veggie dog from a street cart in Vancouver, BC.
  6. Write a letter to a vegan activist who is in prison.
  7. Visit Portland, Ore.’s vegan mini-mall. Leave with a tattoo, cookie, message t-shirt, and a few snacks for the road. (Um, duh!)
  8. Perfect a signature tofu scramble.
  9. Meet your vegan superhero. Whether it’s Gene Baur, John Salley, Kathy Freston, Wayne Pacelle, or Tal Ronnen, go to one of your favorite star’s public events and thank them for their work. (I've met two!)
  10. Accept that your veganism is bigger than you and your circumstances. Don’t get bummed about it. (I don't actually know what this means, so I crossed it out just to feel good about myself.)
  11. Devour a cowvin cookie at Sticky Fingers Bakery in Washington, DC.
  12. Splurge on a beautiful Matt & Nat bag that you can carry with pride for many years to come.
  13. Take a VegNews Vacation to India. Or Thailand. Or…
  14. Be vegan until 6pm, and then stay vegan until the following day. Repeat.
  15. Have a pizza bake-off with every vegan cheese to discover your favorite. (I haven't done it on the same night, but I've now tried enough veg cheeses to know that Daiya is superior to all the others!)
  16. Design your perfect custom cinnamon roll at Cinnaholic in Berkeley, Calif. (I owned my own bakery, where I made cinnamon rolls on a regular basis, so I think I can cross this off my list!)
  17. Rub a pig’s belly at Los Angeles’ Animal Acres or New York’s Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.
  18. Work with local businesses to add more vegan options to their menus.
  19. Veganize your grandmother’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Then share with everyone. (Totally did this with a family's favorite cabbage roll recipe. It was delicious.)
  20. Host a cruelty-free Halloween party with caramel apples, spiced (and spiked) apple cider, and pumpkin carving.
  21. Dine at Candle 79 in New York and Millennium in San Francisco, not on the same night. Go with people whom you truly adore, and feast on appetizers, salads, entrees, drinks, and desserts (multiples of each). Share everything so you get to taste it all!
  22. Become a vegan myth-busting machine—even if you never need to bust vegan myths. 
  23. Attempt to work out as hard as Brendan Brazier, Kenneth Williams, Tonya Kay, Robert Cheeke, or Scott Jurek. (I think training for a marathon definitely counts!)
  24. Read The Face on Your Plate when you need a little extra information about animals and why they are too amazing to eat. (I tried to read this book, but then I decided that reading Skinny Bitch was good enough for me!)
  25. Order a Vegan Treats’ Peanut Butter Bomb cake to celebrate your birthday.
  26. Give fun vegan gifts such as cookbooks, baked goods, Vegan Etsy jewelry, and wine every chance you get. (Again, duh. Why would I change my morals for someone else's birthday?)
  27. Take a vegan tour of Los Angeles stopping at Eko Zone, Pure Luck, Shojin, Real Food Daily, Native Foods Café, Veggie Grill, to start. (I did this last spring. It was. AWESOME!)
  28. Sail the Caribbean, practice morning yoga, and visit exciting ports of call on the all-vegan Holistic Holiday at Sea.
  29. Try vegan ethnic food, such as Filipino, Korean, or Sri Lankan.
  30. Inspire at least one person to become vegan. (awww, you seriously made my day, Jess!! I had no idea! *big grin*)
  31. Trek to Toronto in September for the annual Vegetarian Food Fair.
  32. Devour the Portobello Stack with red potatoes and cauliflower mash at Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale.
  33. Purchase 1,000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson and never have to buy another vegan cookbook again.
  34. Volunteer for Food Not Bombs. It doesn’t get much better than providing hungry people with free vegan food.
  35. Make the VegNews Mac & Cheese. It changes lives. (I make my own damn good mac&cheese, if I do say so myself!)
  36. Hold a Vegan Bake Sale for your favorite animal charity. (I donated my bakery's treats to a local vegan bake sale, so I think I'm good!)
  37. Grab the ‘D’s BBQ Joint wrap at Seattle’s Hillside Quickie and have a picnic at nearby Volunteer Park.
  38. Don’t judge meat-eaters. They’ll just stop listening to you. (AGREED! I whole-heartedly stand behind this.)
  39. Eat kale daily. (Yeah, I'm gonna cross this out just because I think it's ridiculous to try to eat something that's not always in season.)
  40. Join Twitter and Facebook, follow or friend a bunch of your non-vegan acquaintances, and send along great recipes, videos of cute farm animals, and timely vegan news.
  41. Attend the North American Vegetarian Society’s Vegetarian Summerfest conference.
  42. Help the environment by opting for a bicycle or running shoes over a car.
  43. Savor the four-course open-to-the-public Friday night dinner at NYC’s Natural Gourmet Institute.
  44. Remind your non-vegan loved ones that if it’s good enough for President Clinton, it’s good enough for them.
  45. Cook an entirely vegan holiday dinner for your friends and family.
  46. Start a balcony herb garden. (Well, it's on my windowsill, but I think it still counts.)
  47. Visit MooShoes in The Big Apple and purchase a truly fabulous pair of vegan footwear, then march in the annual Veggie Pride Parade.
  48. Order a custom-made birthday cake from San Francisco’s MaggieMudd ice cream shop.
  49. Rekindle your childhood love of PB&J. (Totally did with my pb&j quesadillas!)
  50. Create something that helps humans feel compassion for animals: a video game, children’s book, ‘zine, novel, movie, or blog will do!
  51. Vacation at the all-vegan The Lodge in Grenada.
  52. Get caught up on your veg-friendly reads by joining the VegNews Book Club.
  53. Eat at both Native Bowl and Homegrown Smoker vegan food carts in Portland, Ore. (Yup. Totally love both, but HS is much more gluten-free-friendly.)
  54. Donate all your non-vegan clothes to charity. (Honestly, I still wear my non-vegan boots that I bought years ago because they still fit and I'm not into wasting money.)
  55. Try Chicago Soydairy’s mozzarella sticks. Recover blown mind.
  56. Read or re-read John Robbins’ timeless classic, Diet for a New America.
  57. Go on a Vegas-style bender at Ronald’s Donuts. Bring on the bear claws, old-fashioned, and chocolate-dipped doughnuts! (Well, can't eat here but did enjoy the vegan burger at Burger Bar instead!)
  58. Adopt a turkey in November, then savor Native Foods Café’s Wellington for Thanksgiving.
  59. Host movie nights and show Bold Native, Forks Over Knives, and Babe.
  60. Attend a volunteer night at the PETA headquarters in Norfolk, Va.
  61. Eat a huge vegan sundae at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary in New York City.
  62. Send a vegan care package.
  63. Make your own seitan sausages, in every flavor you can imagine.
  64. Become a vegan hostess extraordinaire by throwing holiday parties, brunches, bonfires, barbecues, fondue nights, and so on. (I've been known to throw some pretty mean brunches in my day.)
  65. Take a Wanderbird Cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean.
  66. Spend an afternoon handing out Vegan Outreach’s “Why Vegan?” brochures. (I will never do this because I really don't think it's the way to "sell" veganism.)
  67. Attend the Texas State Veggie Fair, then head to Spiral Diner for amazing vegan eats, deep in the heart of Texas.
  68. Spend a week at The Gentle Gourmet B&B in Paris.
  69. Read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. (Really great book by an amazing author. Read his other stuff too, please. It'll change your life. Seriously.)
  70. Memorize five quick comebacks to the question “Where do you get your protein?” (Ha! This is a good one; I usually stutter for a minute until the person has forgotten his/her question, then come back with "um, beans and stuff." Brilliant.)
  71. Read Crazy Sexy Diet, and see if you don’t turn into a green-juice drinker. We dare you.
  72. Devour soft-serve ice cream from New England’s Like No Udder, the world’s first vegan ice cream truck.
  73. Write a well-thought-out letter to the editor promoting veganism.
  74. Have your vitamin D and B12 levels tested. (Well, I live in a very rainy city, so every time my Vit D is tested it is dangerously low, even though I take a supplement. Such is the life of a Portlander...)
  75. Start a Vegan Drinks meet-up in your hometown and get to know your local vegans, boozily.
  76. Demolish the garlic fries at San Francisco’s AT&T Park. Brush teeth.
  77. Take a cooking class at Spork Foods in West Hollywood.
  78. Attend a Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down, then book a few extra nights at the sanctuary’s B&B.
  79. Own at least one cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, and Ani Phyo. (Oh yeah - does it count for two if mine are autographed??)
  80. Visit the Chicago Diner and feast on the tempeh Reuben, mashed potatoes, and cookie dough peanut butter milkshake.
  81.  Find a vegan restaurant in every city you visit, no matter how remote! (Duh! That's part of the fun of going to a new city!)
  82. Study the history of the women’s, civil rights’, gay rights’, or any other social-justice movement that has bettered the lives of beings who were once treated as property. Learn from them!
  83. Watch Earthlings at least once. Then, if you feel yourself getting burned out or losing your drive for veganism, watch it again.
  84. Eat beignets and the chocolate soufflé at Madeline Bistro in Los Angeles.
  85. Write to Food Network and request more vegan content.
  86. Make soup in five minutes flat using a Vita-Mix blender.
  87. Rescue a companion animal.
  88. Keep warm in a winter coat from Vaute Couture.
  89. Donate money to your favorite animal charities.
  90. Try Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. Then try not to put it on every single thing you eat.
  91. Volunteer to muck out stalls at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary or Animal Place.
  92. Attend (or, even better yet, have!) a vegan wedding.
  93. Read every issue of VegNews ever published.
  94. Attend the Genesis Awards. It’s swanky, fun, and you can actually see a difference being made—not to mention rub elbows with fancy Hollywood types.
  95. Admire the work of your favorite vegan artist. (Don’t have one yet? Check out Gretchen Ryan, Peter Max, or Sunaura Taylor.)
  96. Study T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study as if your life depended on it. (I was really bored by this book, and couldn't finish it, but I think that the plethora of other vegan books in my repertoire make up for that fact.)
  97. Make your own dim sum! It’s stupendously satisfying, not to mention delicious.
  98. Pen your own vegan manifesto. Keep it in a place that’s easy to see, just in case you need at reminder.
  99. Stay at the Vegetarian Country House Hotel in England’s Lake District.


Scrumptious said...

Thanks for reprinting the list and cataloguing which ones you've done. That was a fun read!

It's terribly gluten-centric, though, isn't it? All those cookies and cinnamon rolls and seitan and cakes and so on. I guess we need our own VGF bucket list. :)

My "have dones" are different from yours. Fun to see how many ways there are to have awesome vegan adventures! The one I'm most proud of on my list is hosting giant vegan, GF Thanksgivings for family and friends ("No, you can't just 'bring a turkey leg!'") One that I'm really looking forward to is someday eating a sundae at Lulu's Apothecary. Our vegan ice cream place here in SF kind of blows.

Anyways, lots to think about, thanks for the fun post!

JL goes Vegan said...

I just saw this list this morning! Love that you went through it and shared your experience. I really want to take some time with it. Lots to do :)

Jessica Easley said...

You can cross off #30.


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