Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oregon's Birthday Part II

Here is my follow-up post to yesterday's guide to all things local and Valentine-y. This list focuses on things you can do with your sweetie, your sibling, or your best friend.

Here is a sample itinerary for Monday's holiday:

1. Start the morning off right by making gluten-free/vegan pancakes together at Slappy Cakes

2. Go for a stroll (and burn some well-earned pancake calories) on the Eastbank Esplanade

3. Relax and enjoy a soothing massage at New Moon Massage

4. If you live in Portland, I'm going to assume you like tattoos, so now that you're feeling at one with the universe from your massage, get a tattoo from the vegan parlor Scapegoat (*alternatively, if you don't like adding permanent ink to your dermis, you could patronize any of the other fantastic businesses in the vegan strip mall)

5. Load up on the aphrodisiacs at Rogue's Tasting Event

6. Enjoy a romantic dinner (with a special Valentine's menu) at Blossoming Lotus

7. Snuggle in for the night and watch the hilariously (and humiliatingly) dead-on series Portlandia

**And, if you're single, take speed dating to a whole new level (literally) at Mt. Hood Meadows' Chairway to Heaven event.

Curious as to what I'll be doing this Monday? My plans include going for a run, working, and then heading out a few girlfriends to celebrate Oregon's Birthday. Last year we enjoyed drinking Spanish coffees (with Rum 151, in honor of Oregon's 151st year as a state). This year, we might need to come up with a new theme beverage.

What are your plans?

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K said...

Great list!

can you make pancakes which are both vegan and gluten free?


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