Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Vegan in Vegas, Day 4

A Vegan in Vegas, Day 4

Our last day in Vegas was a lazy one.

I was still suffering from my food poisoning from the night before, and M had stayed up late playing the slots in the casino downstairs, so after we checked out and stored our luggage, we made our way to the outdoor pool for some much-needed vegging. I even got a bit of a tan (yes, in January!).

Then, we headed back out to the Strip.

My former roommate now works at The Secret Garden at the Mirage, and she gave M and me free tickets, so we made that our first stop after reaching the Strip. 

awwwww, so majestic

does this NOT remind you of Emperor's New Groove? I mean, I swear I can hear David Spade talking
Since we were at The Mirage, we decided to stay around the general area and explore a few of the hotels in the middle of the Strip, watch a few of the free evening shows, and then head out to the airport. Before we left the hotel, my stomach felt well enough that I grabbed a cup of fruit at Blizz Frozen Yogurt.

we are in front of the volcano at The Mirage

beautiful light at The Mirage's valet drive-through

We walked through The Palazzo, which is The Venetian's sister hotel. 

decor inside The Palazzo

this fit the Year of the Rabbit theme; this rabbit's eyes and tail moved
Finally, we went back and saw the shows. We saw the volcano at The Mirage:

The Sirens of TI:

And, finally, the fountains at the Bellagio:

our last taste of Vegas

unfortunately, this time the accompanying song was "Proud to Be an American"
After the first night in the city, I wasn't sure I ever wanted to return to Vegas, but by the end of the trip, I realized I HAVE to go back (maybe not for a while, though)! It's a fun city with a lot to offer.

Viva Las Vegas!

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