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A Vegan in Vegas, Day 3

A Vegan in Vegas, Day 3

We all slept in this morning.

I had a food hangover, of course (a delightful one, to be sure), and the girls hadn't gotten in until 4 or so the night before, so we all appreciated a little extra sleep.

We had to check out of the hotel at 11, though, so we begrudgingly got ready, got our stuff together, and put our luggage in storage so we could walk around the Strip a bit more. The great thing about Vegas is that there are endless places to explore. Even on our last day, I realized I still hadn't seen the interior of at least 2/3 of the hotels on the Strip, let alone the ones just off the main drag.

a view of the Cosmopolitan from our lunch table

The day was BEAUTIFUL. The sun was high and warm, we were all happy, and we had a really great time just strolling down the street.

Soon, of course, we became hungry, and we stopped at a lovely French restaurant at the Paris called Mon Ami Gabi. Our main criteria for food was that it be served to us outside, and this place fit the bill. Not only that, they had a specifically gluten-free menu! This was the only restaurant I found that even remotely acknowledged a special or alternative diet. It made my heart burst with joy! 

gluten-free bread (no butter) and olive dish

butter lettuce salad with crisp green apples and beets and freshly ground black pepper (no cheese)
After getting filled, we once again trekked down the Strip, going in and out of hotels, many of which I had explored the night before.

New York New York skyline
Finally, we separated for good; C and E headed to the airport for their flight, and M and I went off to check in to our new hotel, located off the Strip.

our hotel on the last night was called Terrible's!

M and I unpacked and rested for a bit, and then decided to take off for the rest of the night. There weren't a lot of food options in our area in the middle of the afternoon, so we went to McCormick and Schmick's for happy hour.

Big mistake. 

I ordered French fries and an iced tea off the happy hour menu and received a healthy dose of food poisoning. It didn't kick in until a few hours later, but it did put a damper on the remainder of our vacation.

However, before I got sick, we learned how to play Roulette at a $.25 table (in case you're wondering, that's a VERY low buy-in)! I won $13, so apparently I am awesome at a game dependent entirely upon luck. Next time I go to a casino, I will play some more and test out my luck.

We walked towards the north end of the Strip, where the luxury hotel Wynn and its sister hotel, Encore, sit. Vegas entrepreneur Steve Wynn recently went vegan and, as we walked through the two hotels, I played a game of "find the vegan dish on the menu" at each of the restaurants.

M might not have enjoyed this activity as much as I did. 

a fountain at the Wynn

inside the Wynn

more decor inside the Wynn

the coolest thing ever: a humongous waterfall turns into a singing frog! this was a Garth Brooks song

ooooh - a crystal peacock!

The Wynn was gorgeous. If I had a lot of money, I would stay there next time. As it was, I had to be content with walking through it and gawking at all the beauty.

After leaving Encore, we continued walking up the north end of the Strip. Just so you know, that part of the Strip is scary. It's dark, there are no casinos for blocks, and nobody is on the sidewalk. It quite literally becomes a ghost town.

We kept walking, though, because we had the Stratosphere in our sights and wanted to get to the Fremont area (or, old Vegas) to explore.

recognize this chapel from The Hangover?

After we reached this wedding chapel (above), we decided to hail a cab the rest of the way. We decided getting mugged and/or murdered was not on our itinerary for this trip.

Once we reached Fremont, I started feeling ill and we unfortunately had to cut that portion of the evening short. We took a cab all the way back to the hotel, thus ending the night.

But wait! There's one more day! Stay tuned for Day 4...

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