Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gluten-Free Vegan Cookbook Review

I was given the opportunity recently to review a cookbook called Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook, by Leslie Cerier. Cerier contacted me and offered me a copy to look over. As soon as I heard it was a gluten-free vegan cookbook, I jumped at the chance. I'm always in the market for great cookbooks, and finding gluten-free, vegan ones is especially difficult.

This is a really nice cookbook. I have to admit, I really had no idea what to expect, since I had never heard of the author, but, after reading through it a few times and trying many of the recipes, I was really happy to add it to my cookbook shelf.

My favorite part of the cookbook is the emphasis on whole grains. It is because of this book that I discovered my new-found love of millet. How did I survive so long without this wonderful, delicious grain in my life? I still don't know, but I'm so glad I've tried it, and it's now a staple in my diet.

My only complaint with the cookbook is the lack of pictures. I'm truly a sucker for beautiful pictures of food. I will sit in the special Powell's bookstore dedicated to cooking and gardening for hours (I'm not joking!), thumbing through all the gorgeous cookbooks on the shelves. I'm a very visual eater, and I especially want to see what I'm going to be cooking, so I always gravitate towards books with lots of photos. However, even though this book lacks in photos, once you make one of the really tasty recipes, you will not be disappointed. Plus, you can always take your own pictures and just paste them onto the recipes, if you are really so desperate.

I recommend this cookbook for anyone who is striving to live a healthier life with a whole-foods, plants-based approach. The dishes are delicious and you will be thankful for the added variety to your diet.

Check out the author's website here!

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dreaminitvegan said...

I'm so excited about this book. My son has been having problems with wheat and this will be a wonderful book to have.


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