Monday, December 20, 2010

A Green Holiday

I buy very few gifts during the holiday time, preferring, instead, to make my own presents. I like to take the time to think about the person I'm giving the gift to, hopefully capturing a little of that thought in the homemade present, as well. Here is a great site to jump-start your ideas on alternative giving (and decorating, and celebrating).

My favorite ideas from the site include...

-wrapping a present in old sheet music (perhaps a Christmas carol?)

-using last year's holiday cards as gift to/from tags

-using old jewelry as a tree ornament

-baking and creating an edible holiday greeting card

-giving all the makings for a starter garden: seeds, gloves, hand tools, etc.

-giving a reusable, BPA- and plastic-free travel coffee mug

-giving a personalized coupon suggesting a favorite activity that you and the giftee can do together

-donating to the local food bank

Regardless of what you give, always ask yourself: how am I impacting the world with this gift? could I have bought it for the same price from a local seller? could I have made it myself? will the person I'm giving this to like it, or will he/she just throw it away?

Ultimately, it's your money, and your decision, but the holidays are a great time to give a little more thought into our actions.

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Amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler said...

These are wonderful suggestions. I'm not buying any gifts this year. Instead, I'm just baking and giving away delicious vegan treats!


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