Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thai Food Cafe - Updated

Update as of July, 2011: I went here two days in a row this week (yes, two!). I am embarrassed to admit that it took me this long to re-discover just how delicious and accommodating this restaurant is. Being vegan and gluten-free is absolutely not an issue here.

They have started offering tempeh as a protein option, which few Thai restaurants do. It is cooked perfectly so that it almost melts in your mouth.

I urge you to support this wonderful, local business today.

avocado curry!!

young coconut curry - in a coconut!

During our lunch break between classes yesterday, a friend and I found a neat little cafe on North Killingsworth that is worth a mention. Thai Food Cafe is a cute, family-run business (we met both the owners in our one hour there) that offers really tasty Thai food.

When we walked in, I was a bit nervous, because lately, when I've gone to Thai restaurants, all I can eat is curry, and even then, only sometimes, because of the presence of soy sauce (aka, wheat). Ugh. It's been a hassle, and it's really annoying, because I used to love Thai.

So, the first thing I asked the waiter (aka a half owner) was whether someone who was gluten-intolerant could eat anything there. I already knew I'd be able to find vegan items; they have advertisements out front and posters on their front window that explain all their vegetarian and vegan options. At least I wasn't worried about eating fish extract, but I was concerned about gluten. However, my fears were put to side when the man (who was very Caucasian and very conscientious about our table) reassured me that they used a wheat-free soy sauce and that many items didn't even contain wheat to begin with.


My lunch partner and I ordered off the lunch menu. I got the Pad Thai, something I've wanted for MONTHS but haven't been able to eat for one reason or another (my digestive issues, the presence of wheat, etc.). With tofu as my "meat", it cost only $5.50, and it was really good. I ordered it without the egg, so everything was vegan, and let me just tell you, after not being able to eat something for almost a year, nothing tastes better. I wish I could say I enjoyed every last bite, but it was a really large serving, so I only ate about half the noodles and most of the veggies.

I am disappointed that I only found out about the place about 3 weeks before the term is over, but, to encourage us to come back, the owner gave us each a menu with a 10% off offer on it. I will definitely be back.

Thai Food Cafe
833 N Killingsworth Ave
Portland, OR 97217

Open 7 days a week, 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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mr said...

hey, i have celiac. i was stoked on this restaurant for having gluten free options but the last time i went, i ordered the soup with the woman owner assuring me it was ok, and had an obvious gluten reaction. nothing else there i have ordered has had any ill effects on my but i'm not sure if i can bring myself to go back as i have very strong reactions to gluten.


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