Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Wheat Woes

Alas, dear readers, it appears that I am still intolerant of wheat. After a wonderful week in which I ate everything wheat-related in sight (literally! I ate pasta, pizza, sandwiches, scones, cookies, etc. - it was delicious!), I discovered rudely that my stomach was NOT happy with me. Thus, regrettably, I have stopped eating it once again.

It's sad, but true. I had hoped that my digestive issues had resolved enough that I could add gluten back into my diet, but it appears that with or without my problems, I nonetheless have troubles digesting wheat.

However, I am thankful that other people have the same problem, so I can find restaurants all over that cater to my diet, and I am also within close distance of Bob's Red Mill, so I can head over there anytime I need some gluten-free flours.

If you are gluten-free, what is your favorite alternative to wheat? What's your favorite gluten-free restaurant?


Anonymous said...

maybe the problem wasn't wheat, but rather the eating "everything in sight"? moderation is the key! you may only be intolerant of the amount, not the gluten itself..

Courtney said...

Oh, that reminds me to send you that lemony lentils recipe! That is one of my favorite vegan/GF recipes off all time -- so scrumptious.


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