Sunday, October 3, 2010


Figs are really quite amazing. Apparently, I tried them as a child and forgot about them, but just this past month, I tried them again as an adult. I've already admitted that my taste-buds have changed immensely since I was young, and now seems like the appropriate time for me to admit that I have an addiction. There is nothing better. [I'd love to just stop there, but I feel that I owe you the delight of biting into the fig with me, so I will carry on.] As I was saying, there is nothing better than biting into a slightly-tough, mealy exterior skin only to experience the greatest taste known to humankind. The seeds add the perfect surprise texture to the sweet goo-like interior that literally explodes in your mouth.

Surprisingly, I don't actually gobble figs by the handful, mostly because they are so rich that I prefer to savor each and every one individually. I methodically cut one in half, eat one half slowly, wait a minute, then eat the other half slowly, and wait a few minutes before cutting another one.

Yesterday I was at New Seasons, where figs are currently on sale from California. I asked the produce clerk to assist me, because I wasn't really sure which kind I had tried before. The Concordia store location has four different varieties on sale, but since they all look and taste different, I didn't really know what type I "wanted". The clerk was extremely knowledgeable and helpful (I wish I had gotten his name!), and also later helped me explore the different Heirloom Apples that were available.

When I asked the clerk for help, he led me straight to the Adriatic Figs. They were green, and in my limited scope of imagination, I believed them to be unripe, which is why I had completely overlooked them at first. However, he claimed that the taste would "blow my mind". I was skeptical, of course, because they were green (hey, before you judge me, just know that, like millions of other people, I've been programmed to believe certain things about food, and color is one cue that I adhere to strongly!). Once I bit into one half of the fig, though, I was completely sold. I regrettably only bought one pint, because I was walking and didn't want to smash them on the journey home, but I will be back to buy more!

I realized, as I writing this, that obviously I tried Fig Newtons as a child, but they taste so different from their un-dried and un-processed "sisters", that I never realized the fruits were one and the same. In fact, if you had asked me just a few months ago whether I even liked figs, I would have immediately had an image of the crumbly "cookie" from school lunches past, scrunched my nose, and said "no". Thank goodness, that is no longer my opinion!

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