Monday, October 18, 2010

Coconut Amino Acids

Because the anonymous comment on my last blog post was a good one, I've decided to give you a bit more information regarding Coconut Amino Acids (CAA).

Similar to Bragg's, the closest comparison you can give to CAA is soy sauce. CAA is processed much less than traditional soy sauce, and is considered raw. It is produced by tapping the sap blossom of a coconut, which is somewhat similar to the process of tapping a maple tree for its syrup. The sap can be made into many different things, depending upon the amount of fermentation or evaporation it undergoes, but in this case, it is made into amino acids.

I spilled a little on my hand while I made the curried pasta dish, so I licked my finger to see what it tasted like. It was mild on its own, but when I added it to the sauce, it immediately added depth and a little smokiness to the flavor.

Amino acids are integral to our digestion and critical to life. Here's one easy way to add them to your diet!

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Anonymous said...

thanks! that annonymous post was from me. i've never heard of these before but i'm excited to try them. i love finding new vegan things like this because i'm always looking for something to add depth/savory flavor to my foods without adding saltiness. very cool to learn about, thanks a lot! JV


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