Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet Pea Bakery

Well, I'm going to be completely honest with you. I'm a little disappointed with Sweet Pea Bakery, a vegan bakery located in SE Portland. I went to a coffee shop in the Hollywood district yesterday afternoon and purchased a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie that was made by Sweet Pea. It was crumbly and not very fresh, and when I started looking at the ingredients, I was horrified. I have looked at their ingredients before, and I don't recall seeing the same list, so I hope that it is a recent change, but nonetheless, I decided not to finish the rest of the cookie. I also probably won't be back (to Sweet Pea, not the coffee shop!). There is an amazing vegan bakery very close to me called Back to Eden (who is also currently celebrating their first anniversary!), which I have raved about many times before, and I'm going to stick with them. In fact, the next time I need a gluten-free/vegan item, I have so many options around town that I really never have to eat another Sweet Pea item again. Whew. Thank goodness for living in this town!

In case you're wondering what turned me off so much from Sweet Pea, here is the list of ingredients for the cookie I bought yesterday, with the suspicious ingredients in bold:

sorghum flour
white rice flour
soy lecithin
xanthan gum
beet sugar
brown sugar
Earth Balance margarine
filtered water
natural flavor
soy protein
soy lecithin
lactic acid
coloring (with beta carotene)
chocolate chips (first ingredient: sugar)
baking soda
sea salt

My questions:
-Why the soy lecithin, and why is it listed twice?
-Why two [different] salts?
-Why two waters (and only one is filtered)?
-Coloring? GROSS! What's wrong with the color of a normal cookie?
-Natural flavor? I thought that only existed in processed foods like Oreos and hot dogs.
-What would you need soy protein for if you already had soymilk?

Hey, Sweet Pea, I used to love you and your products, but now I really never want to return. I'd love to know the answers to these questions, if you have any, and also why you started making a pretty crappy product, so feel free to contact me at greenveganliving [at] gmail [dot] com. Cool!

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