Sunday, September 12, 2010

CSN Stores Review

I recently was given the opportunity to buy anything to content my little baking/cooking heart at I scoured the site, scrolling through the copious amounts of bakingware, cookingware, preparation tools, serving dishes, kitchen gadgets, etc. It took me a bit of time to really decide what I wanted because, after all, I am a picky consumer. I see each purchase, no matter how big or small, as a chance to “vote” for what I believe is right. My buying decisions, in my opinion, should directly mirror my philosophies, whether regarding politics, food, or sustainable living. Therefore, I think carefully about each purchase that I make. 
You can see why it took me a while to decide what to get on this website, then. I finally decided upon two things: the 3-cup LaCafetiere French coffee press, which I’ve chosen to give away in this contest (today's the last day to follow me and get entered!), and some fantastic Preserve Mixing Bowls. This set of three colorful bowls are made in the United States from 100% recycled materials, including food storage containers. They come in three sizes: 2 qt, 3 qt, and 4 qt, and each one is a different color (they come in lime green, sky blue, and robust red - at least those are MY descriptive words!). One side has a handle, and the other side allows you to conveniently pour your prepared food. I used all three bowls when I made a complicated fruit pie the other day, and I was thankful for the three sizes, light weight, and how easy they were to clean. They made the task easy and fun. They retail for $21.99 on, which is a deal compared to the $24.34 price on Amazon.
I completely recommend them. They are a necessity for any kitchen, and a treat for any baker.’s service was also fantastic. Ordering online was easy, and I received my products promptly (although separately). I will definitely order from them again!

Many, many thanks to Eileen at Because of her, I was able to enjoy this new product and also pass on the exciting carafe to you!

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