Thursday, August 19, 2010

Second Time to Farmer's Market

I'm ashamed to admit that yesterday's visit to the farmer's market was only my second one this entire season. I blame it on a busy schedule and an inability to make it to the different sites. However, I did make time yesterday to stop by the market at North Interstate and Overlook Park. It's a small market (maybe 20 vendors, tops), but it was just filled to the brim with lovely produce ready for me to take home. I was on my bike, and I packed my bag so full it was almost difficult to carry on my back! However, I succeeded, and now my fridge is stuffed.

I picked up:
-beets (the kind that are striped inside!)
-butterball lettuce
-green beans (organic)
-gluten-free/vegan apricot biscuit from Ammie's Goodies (it was sooo good!)

I'm super excited to get started on my cooking adventures with this bounty, but, just now, looking at the ingredients list, I'm guessing it will mostly consist of salads. Any thoughts for what to do with the beets and zucchini? I have a passed-down shredded zucchini recipe that is my fall-back, but I always like to try new things!

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