Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Hot Out...

...not that I'm complaining, mind you, but it does make me want ice cream even more than normal. That, and my scratchy vocal chords. I had an entire conversation with my mother in whispers this evening. I went to Whole Foods right after because, I decided, five days with this throat funkiness was long enough! I found some natural cough/sore throat remedy, but I also found the dessert aisle.

I know that So Delicious has made a line of coconut milk ice creams for a while, and, upon further scrutiny, their ingredients are eerily similar to those of Luna and Larry's (agave nectar, coconut milk, about five or six ingredients on each flavor). I had somewhat avoided them because 1) my loyalty to L&L and 2) the price wasn't that much different. Tonight, however, I was craving the icy delicious-ness AND it was on sale, so what's a girl to do? Well, I bought the Mint Chip and Pomegranate Chip varieties.

They are...delicious! Smooth consistency, tasty, even flavor throughout. Uh-oh! I haven't had great luck with So Delicious soy ice cream in the past, so I didn't actually think this would be that good, but it is. Oh man, the Pomegranate Chip flavor is just tart enough with chunks of yummy chocolate sweetening it up with every bite, and the Mint Chip is not too sweet but leaves my mouth with a fresh flavor.

Well, I guess I'm sold. And you know what, Turtle Mountain foods (who produces So Delicious) is actually based out of a city that's closer to me than Luna and Larry's is (one hour away versus two), so I suppose it's okay that I go with their product once in a while. It'll just make L&L try a little harder and produce an even MORE amazing product (if that's possible!).


DJ Karma (VegSpinz) said...

Coconut ice cream sounds good right now :)

Anonymous said...

I used to love Luna and Larry's until I tasted So Delicious coconut milk ice cream. WOW! It really is incredible! And So Delicious's flavors are getting more and more amazing. Pomegranate Chip, Green Tea, Turtle Trails... It's hard to choose just one at a time!


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