Monday, August 2, 2010

Ice Cream! You Scream? We All Scream!

Okay, it should be known, I am kind of an ice cream fanatic. My short list of top, desert-island-type, favorite foods, if I was pressed to decide, would be ice cream and pizza. Healthy, I know. You might be surprised to hear that from a gluten-free vegan who proselytizes up and down about eating a whole-foods diet, but hey, I like my "junk food" just as much as the next person!

Last night, I tried a different ice cream than I've ever tried before. I had a coupon for it, and it was new, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was Almond Dream Ice Cream. I tried the Cappuccino flavor. It wasn't bad, but because it's made from almond milk, the overwhelming almond flavor was a bit much for me. I had a few scoops and decided that it would get more "use" if I gave it away, so I "donated" it to some friends instead of keeping it for myself.

Then, today, I looked a the ads and found that my top, numero-uno, ichiban, favorite ice cream of all time, Coconut Bliss, is on sale at Fred Meyer's until September 4th! So I got my little tushy over to the local Fred's and picked some up. Of course, others know the awesome-ness of Coconut Bliss, so there were very few pints left, but I was able to snag one (of only two! can you believe it?!) of Vanilla Island. Of course, I also lovelovelove their Cappuccino and Mint Galactica flavors, but neither was in stock, so I made do with one pint (for now!). I came home and enjoyed a few scoops with half a peach. Lovely.

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