Thursday, July 8, 2010

"New" Shoes

I grew up with my father meticulously buffing and polishing my mother's work shoes so well that she rarely ever bought new ones. When her soles wore out, she got them repaired. It seems strange to me to throw out or donate a pair of shoes when I could be "renewing" them instead. So, yesterday, I went to Derek's Shoe Repair, and picked up a newly-resoled pair of Kenneth Cole flats. I've had the shoes for 4+ years, and the soles were worn thin. Literally. I would walk outside in any sort of precipitation and my feet would be soaked afterward. It was pretty disgusting. Getting them resoled seemed the right choice, especially since I paid $130 for them originally! Plus, they are probably my very favorite pair of shoes. If I could, I would wear them ALL THE TIME. And now that they look brand-new again, I most likely will, at least for a while.

Here they are: my beautiful "new" shoes. They are entirely NOT vegan, but I feel that prolonging their life is much better than just throwing them away because they are made from leather.

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Sandra said...

They look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


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