Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Portobello Re-Opening

Of course, how could I let the day go by without mentioning Portobello's re-opening in their new space tonight! It's now housed at SE 12th and Division, kitty-cornered from Los Gorditos. I sat with one of the co-owners at the Vegan Iron Chef After-Party on Sunday and was really excited to hear about all the great new features that will be at the new place, including: seating is now available for 46 people! there's going to be a full bar! the cocktail list is prepared by Millennium's former alcohol extraordinaire! they will be open later! there will be more gluten-free options!

Obviously, I can't wait to try it out and I'm currently coordinating a time to go with my friends sometime in the next week. Eeek!!


Anonymous said...

you sure sound busy these days - I hope I'll get to see you while in Portland! GJ

Unknown said...

GJ, I'll see you - don't worry! You are obviously a priority while you're here; I will just move around my schedule a bit. :)


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