Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Musings for Today

I tried to go to the downtown Farmers' Market today and found out that it is not in the location that the website says it is. It is further north in the Park Blocks, so if you become confused after wandering around the Park Blocks for a while, like my friend and I were today, keep heading north (towards Burnside) until you see the small grassy area filled with white tents. It was really packed, for how few tents and farms there were, but I was still able to hone in on fresh pints of strawberries to take home with me (see my slight obsession with farm-fresh strawberries here), and at 2 for $5, I felt like I got a pretty decent deal. They were delicious! It was my first Farmers' Market visit of the season, and even though the weather was not very friendly, at least the people there were.

Because we couldn't find the market right away, we walked down to the food carts at 4th and College, where Homegrown Smoker is located. I had read on Facebook that they now offered gluten-free corn-battered onion rings, so I couldn't wait to try them! I wish I had gotten a picture of them to share with you, but click on this link if you want a sneak-peek. They came with a very flavorful aioli, and they were absolutely divine. My friend, also gluten-intolerant, and I shared them, and it was the perfect quantity for two. I couldn't have eaten the whole thing unless it was my entire meal. At $4, they were a really good deal for how much we got. Oh yum, I can't wait to go back and have more! They sold out shortly after we got our order, so be aware and get there early!

I waited with bated breath to get the newest vegan book from the co-author of Veganomicon, Terry Hope Romero. Her book, Viva Vegan, came out within the last month and I couldn't wait to try it. I brought it home from the library the other day and started flipping through it excitedly only to discover that I can't eat anything in it. Almost every single recipe contains gluten, and those that don't were few and far between and nothing new. What a sad day. I returned it to the library today with my head held low.

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