Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Am a Hippie

I am a hippie. Well, it's official. I just thought I should let everybody know that I'm coming out as a


One who drinks only

organic coffee 
(that's definitely NOT from Starbucks!) 
and refuses to put on the A.C. 

Yup, that's me.

I'm currently in Golden, Colorado (home of Coors, in case you're wondering why the name sounds familiar) for a wedding. In fact, we can see the brewery, which is absolutely ginormous and really ugly, from our hotel. It's massive and very industrial looking, which is sad, seeing as though it's set right in front of the mountains and this is a really beautiful town otherwise. In fact, the town is almost freakishly clean, kind of like Disneyland. There is no music playing in loudspeakers as I walk down the boulevard, however, so I know I'm not quite in the Magic Kingdom. Or am I in the REAL Magic Kingdom? Hmmm...

Anyway, there might be plenty of options for green vegans like me, only, since I'm part of the wedding party, I don't get to really enjoy them. I basically have to go everywhere the other girls go. I trail along and complain (I try to be quiet about it, but it's hard, since I've heard that Denver is supposed to be so vegan-friendly and sustainable) that I can't eat anything or that people are not recycling.

I have tried a really cool coffee shop that offered both rice and soy milk as well as gluten-free AND vegan pastries. Not once, but twice! Windy Saddle Cafe is right across the street from the Starbucks that is just down the street from our hotel, but by going into Windy Saddle, I only have to cross the street once. So I saved electricity by not having the lights change for me more than once. Or something like that.

And I also went to a sushi joint with the girls that was actually pretty awesome. We had just gotten our nails done and wanted food, stat. Perhaps it was the high elevation or just having a completely different schedule than normal, but my stomach has acted up the entire weekend, even though I am very religiously sticking to my new no-starches-only-yogurt-and-veggies diet (until the actual wedding reception, but that's a different and very sad story that involved me inadvertently ingesting three plate-fuls of gluten-filled jo-jos and consequently being in horrible pain and not being able to fit into my bridesmaid dress because my stomach was so bloated -- awesomeness with a capital A!).


I asked the chef and Halu Sushi to make me a special sushi roll, and he did, which was very sweet of him. It was absolutely delicious, too, even though he was very concerned about it not looking right. It was the restaurant's Vegetable Roll with no rice but with avocado. Yum. I ordered two and later wondered why my stomach was so bothered, but perhaps, like I said, it was just the different schedule and the fact that I was actually trying to eat somewhat-normal food.

Here are pictures of the lovely roll:

Look at that lovely presentation and that amazing pile of ginger! I ate it ALL!

Oh, yummy edamame that I could only eat about a third of. It was delicious, of course, and needed no alterations.

Back to the Point

So, the reason I even brought up the fact that I was a hippie in the first place is because I realized just how out of place I am here in Golden. Perhaps Denver really is the land for me. After all, the weather here is absolutely AMAZING: blue skies, warm, dry heat. The people are friendly and helpful (I got free coffee from one cafe just because!). And I hear such great stories. BUT I have not visited Denver the entire time I was here, except to drive right past it. And I am sure the mountains are lovely, but I also need to be by water. And maybe the folks in Boulder are hippies like the rumors go, but since I have only hung out with wealthy, fake, "attractive" and materialistic people, I realize that I'm just not sold on this area of the country. I guess it's time for me to head back to the west coast, where I really belong.

Adios, Denver (and Coors' hometown, Golden).

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Jude said...

Boulder, 18 miles from Golden, would have been a better fit for you. It houses Naropa, after all. Golden lacks a personality.


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