Friday, May 7, 2010

Homegrown Smoker

I finally had a chance to try out Homegrown Smoker BBQ yesterday afternoon. I have been taking daily walks with an old friend recently, and the best part of our walks is that they include lunch. Yesterday we walked on the waterfront (the entire loop, from OMSI on the eastside to the Riverbank on the west), and decided to try out the food carts at 4th and College. These included the new Homegrown location, which I had been wanting to try for about a year. It lived up to all my expectations, and more! I tried the Frito Pie, which came in a small bag of Fritos, and was topped with baked beans, soy curls (at my request, instead of the glutenous sausage), and yummy sauces. I also ordered a side of coleslaw. The meal was delicious, filling, and only $6. Quite a treat. I can't wait to try something else.

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