Friday, May 14, 2010

Hiwa Kai Salt Experiment

Last week I picked up a special salt at Whole Foods called Hiwa Kai because of a specific recipe I had seen in the latest edition of VegNews. The salt is black and is made up of very large granules. I love salt, but I've never actually experimented with any type other than boring old sea salt.

The recipe was for an Italian frittata. I don't think I've ever had one, let alone tried a vegan one, so I was excited about trying out a completely new type of food. I made a vegan quiche last summer that turned out all right, but I think, when making vegan food taste and seem at all like its non-vegan counterpart, the key is using the right seasonings. Hopefully this special salt will make all the difference! I will let you know tomorrow - the recipe calls for refrigeration, and I have lots of things to do today, so I won't get to bake it until tomorrow...don't let the suspense kill you. :)

On a completely random and side note: just in case you're wondering, the iPod really does have the worst shuffle. Thank goodness I really enjoy listening to Sia and Radiohead, because if I didn't, after a while, having every song be by one or the other as I prepared and baked this dish would have gotten old (oh, and the random track from the Peanuts Christmas album by Vincent Guaraldi was a bit disconcerting as well)!

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