Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Ready to Travel

All right, the next week and a half are going to be kind of crazy because I'm headed on two whirlwind vacations right in a row. The first is to Denver, CO to be a bridesmaid and performer in my friend's wedding. The second is to southern CA (Sierra Madre, to be exact, just miles from LA) to visit a good friend. I've been researching restaurants in the respective areas, of course, but since the advent of my awesome stomach issues, I've realized that I'm not quite as gung-ho for trying out places as I originally was. However, there are still some great venues that at least bear mentioning:

Denver, CO:
Kate's at 35th Avenue
Mercury Cafe
City O'City
WaterCourse Foods

Los Angeles, CA:
Cafe Muse
Real Food Daily
Rahel Ethiopian
Pure Luck
M Cafe

Of course, with the little time I'll actually be in either city and not doing other things, I probably won't have any time to visit any of these places, but I'm hoping to mark off at least one or two in each locale. That just gives me good excuses to go back and visit!

Do you have any suggestions for either city? The main obstacles for Denver are that I won't have a car and it's a very jam-packed weekend (I arrive, go to the rehearsal dinner, attend the bachelorette party, get a manicure, do the wedding and reception thing, then leave), so I really don't think I'll get a chance to try anything there. Good news, though: the bride has ordered a special wedding cake just for the two of us that's vegan and gluten-free, so I'm guaranteed to have at least one edible thing while I'm there!

I look forward to any comments you might have.

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