Monday, May 17, 2010

Beautiful Scenery

Last week, my friend and I escaped the crazy Portland life and headed out into the great unknown, aka Mosier, OR, for a great hike. We hit up the Rowena Crest, which has two trails, one supremely easy and one extremely difficult. We chose the difficult one first, of course, that was uphill the entire way. By uphill I mean that I was having to crawl up the hill sometimes because it was so steep. But it was well worth it, as the view provided a lovely respite from everyday life and gave me just one more reason why I love the Columbia Gorge so much. Enjoy!

Crazy lizardy thing! It was awesome because it would allow us to get really close to it to take these pictures.

The view is so amazing. In the very center of the picture is where we started, so you can see it's quite a trek to the top.

This hike is listed in the guidebook as one of the top ten trails on which to see wildflowers - it was right!


Sandra said...

Beautiful pictures! Mosier is where we used to go to get meat that we bought with another family -- and made a day trip out of it! Of course we didn't ever climb like you did to get the views, but what we saw was very beautiful!

Unknown said...

I thought there was a reason Mosier kept sticking in my head - I don't remember ever being there before, but the hike was really pretty.


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