Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010, Part 4

Happy Earth Day!! In honor of today, I'm going to post green-related entries all week. Enjoy!

Some things you can do today to make it a red-star day:
-walk, bike, or ride the bus to work (in other words, go car-free today)
-abstain from eating any animal products
-attend an Earth Day event happening near you (see my former posts about what's happening in the Portland area)
-plant something in the ground
-buy from a local business
-find ways to recycle your unwanted items instead of throwing them into the trash
-take a moment to decide whether you really want (or NEED) something before buying it
-watch Wall-E and remember that, unlike them, we can't escape into space, so we must treat our earth with love and respect and enjoy every day here

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