Sunday, March 28, 2010

Food is Good

Sonny Bowl

I have now tried out a different food cart almost every day this week. It's been fantastic. My palate loves me for it. I just love how sunny weather brings people outside to explore the great food possibilities in Portland. An added bonus: there are always great conversations to overhear as you're waiting in line for your food.

I tried out Sonny Bowl this week, which is located at SW 3rd and Stark. It's one of two predominantly vegan-friendly carts on that lot, but it had the smallest line and it also had things I could actually eat. It looks like DC Vegetarian only offers sandwiches, and I didn't see any GF bread options, so I opted not to go there. At Sonny Bowl, I got the #2 bowl, which included chickpeas, mixed veggies, brown rice, soy curls, and sweet-pineapple curry sauce. It was only $6 (it's one dollar extra for the soy curls), and really delicious. It even lasted me two different meals. See the picture below.

Apparently, the cart moonlights (sunlights?) as an oatmeal cart in the mornings, between 7 and 10 a.m. At that time, it's actually called Bloop. I am pretty fastidious about how my oatmeal is prepared (i.e., by me and me alone), but I might be tempted to try their options one of these days if I'm in the neighborhood.

Back to Eden

I also visited Back to Eden three different times this last week. I think it's my new favorite, and because it's so close to where I just moved (yay, Alberta!), I can easily see myself going there at least once a week. I tried a few different things this week, and it's hard to choose the best. They have A LOT of GF items, so, unlike at Sweetpea, I actually had a difficult time deciding what to eat every time. Over the course of my multiple visits, I tried their strawberry milkshake (OMG! a milkshake! I haven't had one in years!), peanut butter fudge, almond butter fudge, and peanut butter and jam cheesecake (see picture below). Even after writing that, I still can't come up with my favorite, so I just need to recommend a visit to anyone reading this. And call me up if you go, because I'm always up for another piece of fudge.

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