Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 13

Okay, this is the second-to-last day. I'm already planning the exciting things I will be eating when I am off this cleanse. I'm going to go crazy! All at once, I'll shovel in caffeine, soy, French fries, sugar, grains, and alcohol. It will be epic.

Actually, I have really been thinking about what I should do when I'm done. I'm currently reading In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan. It is a fantastic book, and it really goes along with my thought that humans, and Americans in particular, need to re-direct their focus from eating conveniently to eating naturally. I don't necessarily mean eating all organic, although of course that's preferable, but not always doable; I do mean, however, eating whole fruits, vegetables, and grains. If you eat meat, so be it, but make your meal vegetable-centric with a side of meat. And allow yourself to not eat meat at every meal. But we mustn't forget to eat fats and high-caloric foods, either.

Our country is so obsessed with counting calories and eating the right nutrients that we forget that eating is supposed to be enjoyable as well as nutritious. A few weeks ago (actually, the night before I started my cleanse), I went to Dalo's, an Ethiopian restaurant in North Portland, with friends. I have been to two other Ethiopian restaurants, and have certainly noticed the difference in speed when the waitstaff takes our order, or refills our water, or serves our food. But if we started to eat in that same slow, laid-back rhythm, we would find ourselves 1) full faster and thus not eat as much, 2) enjoying our time with our friends more because we'd be focused on each other instead of stuffing our faces, and 3) really thinking about our food, as we scoop it up with our fingers off the injera bread.

I'm obviously a bit jumbled in this post, and I apologize. This topic has been on my mind for quite a while now, and really prompted me to want to go into nutrition, but reading this book has especially brought up new thoughts that are apparently still being processed. All I really mean to say is that I do hope I will be more conscious when I finish my cleanse and that I will listen to my body more instead of forcing things down my throat that I don't necessarily need or want.

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