Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 5

Again, I worked today, so I had to take a big salad with me to work as well as other cart-able items. I have been living so heavily off prunes, oranges, and raw nuts that I’ll be surprised if I don’t start looking like a combination of those things by the time I’m done with this cleanse.
I fudged a bit and had some homemade granola while at work. I don’t really feel that badly, because I have been feeling so weak and unsteady, so I felt okay “bingeing” on something that is pretty healthy in its own right. Its only flaw is that it wasn’t raw.
After work, I went to Proper Eats for their Raw Fajitas. They were absolutely delicious. Here are two pictures. 

Yum. I added a bit to their side salad (avocados, mushrooms and tomatoes), but the cashew-nori dressing was absolutely amazing. 
I have found that even though I’m trying to take control of my diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am prone to eat any less during this stressful time. In fact, becase I never really feel full, I eat as much as I can possibly fit into my mouth at one time, using the excuse “I’m still hungry”. Obviously, my emotions are attached to eating, so I “feel better” when I eat. Ugh. I need to stop this habit, and soon, or before too long I will be a 400 pound sumo wrestler.

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