Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 11

Whew, seriously. It’s now just a matter of me feeling stifled by this cleanse. I don’t regret the dietary restrictions I put myself on this last week and a half; in fact, I’m pretty hopeful that I’ll stick to less sugar and salt in the future. BUT! And this is a big but: I am sick and tired of forcing myself to think about what I’m eating. Now, that sounds completely contrary to what I usually believe or practice. I think about what I’m eating all the time (where it came from, if it was genetically modified, organic, or processed, etc.), but I don’t mentally go down a checklist of ingredients or foods I’m allowing or not allowing myself to have at every meal, and I think that’s where I’m getting fed up with this cleanse. I want fast and convenient. I already eat tons of fruits and vegetables, and I’ve learned that if I prepare them in advance (i.e., cut them up or have them in portions that are needed for recipes), it’s really easy to eat wholesome foods even more regularly than I used to. So now I just want to be able to go out and enjoy some rice or bread or French fries, just because. I have too much pride, and I think I’m too frugal, to end this cleanse before the two weeks is up, but I’m definitely ready to be done with it, yesterday. 
Okay, that was the end of my griping. From now on, I’ll only talk about the benefits I’ve gleaned from this cleanse. Such as my glowing skin and hair (no joke) and fewer headaches and feeling more awake, even after just a few hours of sleep. I know the latter points are from the lack of caffeine; that’s a no-brainer. But I guess it’s because of the gallons of raw almonds I’ve been ingesting lately that I now possess the glossy hair and dewy skin. It’s a lovely, if quite unexpected, side-effect!

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