Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 1

I started off the day, regrettably, by eating cookies I had made the night before. I thought I wanted them, then as I was eating them, I realized I didn’t, so I stopped after just a few bites. However, I feel the need to put that on my food diary, because it was officially my first day of the cleanse, so it still counts. After that, though, I did really well.
Before I left the house I did 50 minutes of pilates on the ball. It was bliss. I didn’t realize how relaxing it could be to let my body move gently around in positions that are naturally accommodated on the ball. I felt lighter and freer and ready to start my day.
I ate raw almonds, raw cashews, edamame, and sushi. I tried to avoid rice (I’m trying to stay away from all grains during this cleanse), but I did have two pieces of my friend’s sushi roll, which included rice. I also drank a TON of peppermint tea. It’s hard for me to drink cold water in the winter, so I figure drinking an herbal tea that is gentle on the stomach will just have to work in this case. I ended up buying a Complete Body Cleanse from Whole Foods (see picture below), instead of just the Liver Cleanse, and I didn’t start taking the supplements until the evening, so my pill regiment will continue one half-day past my diet restrictions. Although, if I continue to feel this good, I may continue the limited diet for longer. It’ll all depend on how I feel. In all, I consumed about 800 calories. I didn’t mean to cut my caloric intake by so much, but because I felt content and full all day, I didn’t feel the need to ingest anything more.
I had no idea I would crave sugar and coffee this much. I don’t feel like my body is going through withdrawal, although I did have a headache in the evening. I do just miss the flavors of coffee and sugar, I think. I also miss the caffeine. I’m not going to even drink caffeinated tea during this cleanse, so I will just have to let my body fend for itself. I’m giving up alcohol as well, but I feel that was a bit necessary, as I had been drinking a bit more than I needed to be in the last few weeks.
Overall, I’m proud of my first day and excited for the days to come. I can’t wait to see what my journey will look like in the next 2 weeks! Thanks for taking the ride with me.

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