Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have amassed an amazing collection of stresses in my life recently, which have made me gain approximately 9 pounds in about two weeks. I eat when I'm stressed, apparently, and it's been really obvious lately when I've tried to put on certain articles of clothing or I've looked at pictures taken of me. My face kind of looks like a lemon (because I have blond hair and my skin is so pale) and I don't look very healthy. So, even though these stresses are not going to go away anytime soon, I figured I could do at least one thing to improve my peace of mind and start taking control of what I ingest again.

I know the cold weather has a big reason to do with my weight gain; during the winter, I have a tendency to eat large amounts of baked goods (because they are warm when they come straight out of the oven) and sit in my bed, especially because it's too cold to leave my room. Spurred on by my friend's recent Liver Cleanse, I decided I should try a cleanse of my own. I've been looking at raw diets, macrobiotics, The Master Cleanse, and, of course, the Liver Cleanse that my friend tried. I think I'll opt for a whole-foods approach, limiting my cooked and processed foods (bummer, since I just made some amazing gluten-free bread yesterday) and take the enzymes for extra assistance.

I think it's easiest (and much more fun) to do a cleanse when you have someone there with you, motivating you and cheering you on. I don't really know anyone interested in doing this with me, so I think I will have to just depend on you, dear readers, to keep me on track. I'm going to try for a two-week cleanse; anything longer than that sounds too difficult and counter-productive to the stresses I already have.

So, here we go: starting today, I will begin a two-week body cleanse that should hopefully leave me a little lighter, both physically and mentally. My starting weight is 121 pounds. I will post what I eat every day and also how I feel as I am doing it. Feel free to leave wonderful comments to keep me going!


wendi said...

Aw, I would cleanse with you but since I just did the one with the Mr. (minus the liver cleanse pills but with all the whole foods and nothing processed) I am kind of sick of cleansing and ready for some tater tots. Feel free to toss a loaf of bread my way and in the meantime I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines!

Elle said...

I just started Martha Stewart's detox plan! I am anxious to see your results. What is the name of your program?

Sandra said...

Reading what you are planning on doing reminded me of a time we stayed at a B&B in Seaside and the hostess was filling us with delicious breakfasts, but she was cleansing her innards!

nightviolin said...

Go Geanna!
I ma not doing a cleansing diet, but I have been trying tos tart a food journal because I too am gaining weight and am stressed. Keep your chin up, keep on the oatmeal and flax seed that should help with digestion, and ya... stay strong!


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