Friday, January 22, 2010

Surfing USA

Sometimes all I want to do is stay in bed and surf the internet for myriad reasons (i.e., it's cold in my room, I'm tired, or I have to check my email and I decide to stay on for a while). That is made extraordinarily easy by owning a laptop and lots of blankets and a personality that once in a while tends toward laziness. Sooo...the last few mornings I have been doing some surfing and have come across some fantastic websites. The links are below. Enjoy!

VG-Zone Crap. This is in French, and I am so bad at French that all I can basically read is the ingredients, and perhaps one or two directions. But if YOU speak/read French, this is a great website! It has really gorgeous photos.

Bittersweet Yum. The pictures are amazing, and the e-books are so tempting; I really want to purchase the ice cream one.

Mitten Machen It sounds like she recently started baking gluten-free herself, so she's coming across all the fun techniques and issues that go into gluten-free, vegan treats!

Gluten-Free Vegan Well, obviously I'm interested in her site because of her title, but she's also really funny and I kept reading post after post.

The Urban Housewife I love this blogger. She has attitude, but she also knows her *hit. Her city travel guides are extremely helpful, as well.

Native Bowl/Everyday Dish TV/Julie Hasson This lady is crazy. She has a fantastic website with cooking webisodes, a food cart, and is doing a side project for Morningstar Farms. I wish I had her energy.

Cook Easy Vegan Yummy recipes, good photos, fun dialogue.

Swell Vegan I'm a suck for a beautifully laid-out site with pictures and recipes. And it's gluten-free, as well.

Pride and Vegudice Half-Marathon Vegan in Southern California!

C'est La Vegan Once again, a beautiful layout, photos, and recipes. I can't wait to try the peppered cashew cheese recipe.

Veggie Thing This is so cool! It's reviews of local eating places (you can choose your city) by local people, with pictures and everything.

Eco Mama's Guide to Living Green I appreciate green blogs/sites that really do their research.

Tree Hugger Lots of good updates on the green scene.

Fake Plastic Fish Oooh! Going plastic-free. Wouldn't it be nice if this could actually happen in my lifetime?

Best Green Blogs I really appreciate having an entire list of blogs at my fingertips. I detest having to google what I want, and this site takes care of that problem.

Urban Gardens I'm lucky enough to have space for a real garden, but this gives some great ideas for having a garden that really flourishes, as well, especially in the middle of a city.

Crazy Sexy Life Wow, this site has a jaw-dropping collection of celebrity nutritionists, cookbook authors, you name it.

Whew! I just noticed how long this is. If you're still reading at the end, congratulations. I think this ends my surfing for a while. Now, back to real life!

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Mary said...

Hey Geanna. Thanks for the link! I've been gluten-free since mid-September, and I'm just beginning to explore baking again. It's tricky, but worth it to feel alive and well again! I hope you get your food allergy/intolerance issues figured out soon and start feeling better.

I like a lot of the blogs on your list. BitterSweet rules.


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