Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slappy Cakes

Well, I finally tried out Slappy Cakes, the pancake phenomenon that is taking Ptown by storm. They have quite a following, and when I went for the first time on Monday, there was a line that made us wait an hour before being seated. Today, we were seated within five minutes, but they still didn't seem to have very many waitstaff available, so we waited a bit for our order to be taken and then served to us.

Regrettably, the vegan batter is not gluten-free, and the gluten-free batter is not vegan, so I thought long and hard about which battle I was willing to fight, and went ahead with the gluten-free batter with eggs. You can ask to have it made with soy milk, so at least it was dairy-free. I tried not to think about all the cholesterol (or animal product) I was ingesting whilst eating. I went again today and did the same thing, but after a few email correspondences with the manager, it sounds like they are really trying to perfect a vegan AND gluten-free recipe, so if I hear any more from her, I will post it on here. They offer a lot of great toppings, such as fresh blueberries and fresh cranberries, plus three different syrups, and their Americano was absolutely delicious (it was also my first one, so maybe it was just the newness of it all). Either way, I recommend the restaurant, and, after splitting the bill right down the middle (we split the bottle of batter and each got coffee as well as a side order of potatoes, it really is quite well-priced for the amount and quality of food you receive.

Somewhat Related:

I'm discovering that after having been in the hospital last month, there are more and more foods that my body just can't handle or digest; hence, why I decided to eat the egg-batter today. My list is closing in on at least 20 identifiable items, and with every meal I eat, it only seems to grow. I will need to go to a nutritionist or naturopath soon, or else my diet will soon consist only of French fries and wine, which will not exactly be that nutritious.

I am trying to figure out if the foods have anything in common, or if my body is just trying to show me that it is Boss, but either way, it's disconcerting to be doubled-over after a meal. No joke. I had broccoli (just one of the many tragic things I am now unable to eat) the other day and could barely stand afterwards because I was in so much pain. This is not a good thing. But, on the bright side, I am adding a few things to my list of "allowed/digestible" foods, such as fresh cranberries and blueberries and squash. So, at least I have a few food choices to choose from. Good grief.

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Courtney said...

Oh yuck! I hope that you figure out a lot of things on your "good" list soon. There is nothing worse than surprise nastiness after eating.


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