Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's

It's about that time to start making resolutions for the new year. 2010 is (literally) just around the corner, meaning people like you and me all over the world are putting together lists of ways they want to improve themselves in the coming year. Many often include exercising and losing weight, going on a diet, or being more environmentally friendly, so that is what I've targeted below.

If you're interested in trying out a vegan diet in 2010, I suggest you look at this two-week sampler menu that will get you on track.

If you'd like to get a fitter body, check out this page on vegan bodybuilding.

If you'd like to lose weight, check out these websites: Fat Free Vegan, an article on Vegan Weight Loss, a fact sheet that offer why veganism is a healthier diet, and restricted calorie menus.

If you're interested in environmentalism, check out these resources: Lazy Environmentalist, Wikipedia's Environmental Vegetarianism entry, why eating meat really does affect our environment, info on Climate Change, article entitled Vegetarian is the New Prius, Portland's Metro Page, and Portland's Bureau of Sustainability.

However, in conclusion, it's best to note that making resolutions that are too difficult or absolutely out of your reach  is not fair to you. Think of things that can easily be obtained with a little bit of work, as opposed to things that will stretch you so much you collapse and fail right from the start. Every little bit counts, whether it be removing cow's milk from your diet, going on one more walk per week, or recycling CFLs at the local recycling center instead of throwing them away.

Good luck!

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