Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Vegan Day

I feel like I'm always the last to know, but apparently November 1st (my birthday!) was World Vegan Day. And thus marked the beginning of World Vegan Month. That comes at just the right time, when many Americans are hunkering down and starting to prepare for their carnivorous Thanksgiving meal in a few weeks. So, of course that means I will be presenting to you even more facts and articles and recipes that provide and discuss the value and perks of becoming a vegan. I love that it is so much more global than my Portland community, or even the west coast. Veganism, although not the mainstream diet of humans worldwide, is certainly more prevalent than I would ever give it credit it for.

So, on this rainy Sunday morning (at least here in Portland), enjoy some fair trade, shade-grown coffee with hazelnut milk and some oatmeal with maple syrup and cinnamon and think about how good (and green) your meat-free lifestyle is.

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