Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Good Tuesday

I decided to go crazy today and spend time out of my house and NOT at the library (I know, I know, what an insane concept!). As a result, I have spent money I didn't need to spend and have driven miles on my car that is barely still running, so I think it was a successful day. 

I started with a little trip to Target because, you know, they have cool things. (Okay, the truth: it was across the street from where I had a dentist appointment this morning, but I wasn't sure if I should share that sort of info on a site that's supposed to be dedicated to green vegan living.) I was surprised by the supply of Kashi items they now offer. Thus, their selection of vegan food options has grown immensely. It was nice to see vegan granola for a little cheaper than I might pay at New Seasons or Whole Foods. 

Second, I went to Ya Hala Lebanese Restaurant on SE Stark. I have had a severe craving for delicious, homemade hummus for a few months now (since I went to Arabian Breeze last summer), and I thought this might be the place to cure that itch. I enjoyed the creamy, flavorful hummus with puffy bread and the Fatayer (which they describe as "three small pies, baked fresh when you order. Vegans particularly enjoy the melange of spinach, onions, sumac and lemon juice, encased in pastry pockets". I liked the idea that vegans, in particular, loved this dish, so I was compulsively forced to try it.). It was especially good with hummus on top, because otherwise, the lemon flavoring was a bit strong for my tastes. 

Finally, I drove over to and am sitting at a table in Sweet Pea, my favorite Portland vegan bakery. I had the cinnamon roll with a white icing (maybe made of fake cream cheese?), but it wasn't very sweet, and my ego and tastebuds lead me to believe that I make better rolls than the one I had today. The almond milk latte was good, though, and, as always, it's refreshing to go somewhere where I can eat everything and not have to continually ask (or wonder) about the ingredients. They are even showcasing a bit more gluten-free items, which is promising, as in the past, they haven't really had that option. I'm leaning more and more towards going gluten-free, although it will be difficult with all the baking I do, but I am confident that there are places in the Ptown area that I can go to (such as Sweet Pea) if I need a quick, gluten-free fix without all the hassle of doing it myself. 

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