Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bar of the Gods

After going to the Harvest Festival yesterday afternoon, I met up with some friends who took me to the somewhat-nearby Bar of the Gods on Hawthorne. When we first entered, we were a little taken aback by the interior, which is decorated by thousands of lit grapes, of the sparkly, different-colored variety. Then, we were taken aback by the great happy hour (from 2-8 p.m., you can get Pabst on tap for $1.50 or well drinks for $2.50; I don't think, before last night, that I had ever had PBR on tap and let me tell you, it's much better than in a can). Finally, we were taken aback (I know, by this point, you'd think we were dead on the floor from all this fainting!) by the pretty amazing non-bar-food menu. There were at least 4 vegan options on the menu, including plenty of tempeh, which is my favorite alternative to meat, as well as other healthy choices for my omnivorous pals. I ended up enjoying the avocado sandwich, which, minus the garlic aioli and with tempeh, was covered in tomatoes, avocado slices, sprouts, and delicious focaccia bread. I had a choice of sides, and I picked the beans and rice, although my two cohorts both chose and enjoyed the other two options, which were a green salad or fries. And don't forget the delicious Claussen pickle on the side!

We all immensely enjoyed our meals and, although they were on the pricier side of things, with the cheap drinks and the atmosphere, we will definitely be going back to try more things in the future.

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