Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer is Gone, but the Food is Not!!

It's official: fall has begun. And while I'm sad that with fall comes the beginning of cold weather and shorter days, I'm also happy to enjoy my late-summer harvest from my garden. Not to mention, the recent sunrises and sunsets have been so magnificent that I wouldn't trade them for the longer summer days in a second.

I made these two dishes recently, utilizing veggies from my garden:

This was a sandwich whose ingredients didn't all originate from my garden. I "cooked it up" in my head all day and, when I finally got home, I couldn't wait to try it. Having everything at my fingertips and not needing to make a quick run to the grocery store was a priority, as I was quite hungry from thinking about food all day, so having some of the most important parts available in my garden was icing on the proverbial cake. It turned out just as I envisioned. I put fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, and cucumber between two slices of toasted artisan bread from New Seasons, added mustard, vegan mayonaise, and sauerkraut. Bon appetit!

My garden is still producing plenty of veggies. I looked yesterday and saw that the broccolini is flourishing, and a bright eggplant is beginning to make its way into this world. Great dishes are yet to come.

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