Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hemp Milk

It is after many "scientific" experiments that I must finally conclude I just don't like hemp milk. I tried this kind, in baked goods (scones), chai tea, my oatmeal, etc. The only way I was able to stomach it was in the scones, but I think the other flavors (jam or chocolate chips, depending on the scone) were covering the taste. It's very creamy, in an almost abnormal way, like chunks of fat were added to rice milk. I kept looking at the fat and calorie content and, at least compared to my hazelnut milk, they were relatively low. I ordered coffee at a local shop last spring, where the barista classified hemp milk as "gritty". I didn't really know why, until I tried it this last week.

I can't think of any more ways to get rid of it fast enough. I suppose I will have to make more scones or some other baked goods that mask the flavor and texture. If anyone has a bright idea as to how to use it, I'm all ears.

1 comment:

Dave Revell said...

Maybe it would make a good drink mixer? Like white russian? Only a green russian? Yeah, that's it.


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